Monday, April 2, 2012

Smurfday Party

A Great party starts with a great invite:
Here is the one I made and if you would like to use it here is a pdf version. Just download it and open it in Photoshop to personalize it.:
Feel free to use my files and have a great party, but Please do not redistribute or make money off of my work.
The Costume:
I searched for Smurf costumes online and most of the reviews were pretty negative due to the cheaply made and high costs... So I made my own. 
Dress: I bought 2 yards of white felt. I folded the felt in half and laid a sleeveless dress on top (with the top shoulder part on the fold) , cut it out and sewed the sides.  Took about 10 mins.

I crocheted the Smurf Hat by using this pattern:
Smurf Hat Crochet Pattern
I bought the tights and leotard from Amazon.  (make sure you have at least 2 weeks b/c these weren't Amazon Prime and took at least a week or so).

I hung up an "autographed picture" from Smurfette. 
Here is one for you if you are interested. She loved it and has it hung up in her room:
Autographed pictured 

One of the games we played was Pin the tail on Azriel. We used a coloring page of Azriel to draw it on orange poster paper and cut out 5 tails from the remaining paper. Easy as pie. The kids had a blast.

Smurfday Cake. The cake is always the most stressful part of the party for  me. I literally PRAYED my way through this cake..haha.  I would recommend watching a video on Youtube on how to apply fondant.  Would have been Very helpful... too bad I didn't watch it until AFTER I made the blue bottom part. 

I used Wilson brand fondant and used the Wilson brand food coloring for the color. The bottom is made of 2 9 inch round cakes. I froze them before icing them with buttercream prior to adding the fondant. Freezing them before makes them much easier to work with.  To make the grass I rolled the fondant out relatively thin and used a paring knife. I used powdered sugar to prevent sticking, then applied the grass by wetting a pastry paint brush. This also gives the fondant a nice shinny finish and cleans up the edges.

My son made the little mushrooms for me. He did a fantastic job! Thanks Juddy! The big mushroom is made from Wilsons extra large Cupcake pan. (My tip is the use  baking spray AND add a generous amount of flour b/c 2 batches broke apart trying to get them out of the pan... give yourself plenty of time and extra cake mix.) I used the food coloring straight from the container to paint the windows and doors.

 I bought the little figurines from, cupcake toppers. They are really cute and good quality for the price.
After the cake was served we played "Smurf Hunting". We hid the smurfs around the yard, each child got one smurf. They loved it.

I bought a iron on Paper and made this image. But I didn't save it.. DANG IT! Otherwise I would have shared that too. He loves this shirt and wears it regularly.

Carma playing Smurf Bingo. Here is the file to download it:
Smurf Bingo 1
Smurf Bingo 2
Smurf Bingo 3
Smurf Bingo 4
Smurf Bingo 5
Smurf Bingo 6
Smurf Characters for Calling

To play smurf bingo I cut each character from the "characters for calling" page and showed the picture to the kids to call Bingo. We really didn't use the letter part of  BINGO.. We just let the kids put a  marker (York Pieces candy) on the picture that was called. It was too confusing and would have taken forever otherwise. I hope that makes sense. If not leave a comment and I will try to answer it better.

Treat bags:
I used simple blue bags (10c each from Walmart). I made the "thank you for coming to Carma's Smurfday Party" tag and printed it on a shipping label. Inside the treat bags were the mini- coloring books, Smurf stickers, candy, Smurf key chain tags, random dollar store toys).
Here are the files for the mini-coloring books:
 Coloring page 1
Coloring Page 2
Coloring page 3

The food:
Papa Smurf's Smurfberry juice- I bought the Blue Cool-aid from Walmart 8 for $1.00 and added a label.
Smurfette's Smurfalicious Sweets- different kinds of Candy
Greedy Smurf's Smurfberries- Twix Wildberry cereal
Brainy's Nerds: Nerds Candy
Gargamel's Smurf Essence - Pixy Sticks
Papa Smurf's Smurfberry Jello: Blueberry Jello, with blueberries and whipped cream
Azriels Catch: Goldfish
Baker Smurfs Mushrooms: White chocolate dipped donuts with white chocolate chip or multi colored sprinkles.
Gutsy's Can you handle the heat poppers- fireballs
Grumpy Smurf's Sourpuss treats- Lemon heads

Here are the files for the Treat lables:
 Treat Label 1
Treat Label 2

On the door I had a poster of Smurfette with balloons and a welcome sign.  (Oh, I got a set of Mylar balloons on Amazon for a great price... 5 HUGE balloons for $11.00 and Smiths filled them for me for really cheap).

Here are some of the Smurf Cake toppers:
these were part of her present../ I paid $17.00... but we used them for cake toppers and decor:

 Here are some of the Treat bag items:
 Smurf Rings:
Smurf Stickers: