Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kiki's Recipe Blog is here!

What makes me qualified to do a Recipe Blog you may ask.
Several reasons:
I am a food snob! My sisters call me queen because of my palate. I usually hate going out of eat because I can usually make it better for half the price... unless I have no clue how to make it, it just isn't worth paying for it.
I am a misplaced Cajun. Born and raised in Louisiana helped me develop my queen like palate. You will be hard pressed to find better food than Cajun food. We take great pride in our food and eating is the #1 pass time, right next to LSU football. Now that I am living out west, I have found food that I had never tasted, such as Thai and Hawaiian. YUMMY! (Not too many Thai or Polynesians in Louisiana, in fact I grew up in such a small town that I thought all Asian's were Chinese and I never even heard the word Polynesian.) It is so fun to try new food and learn about different cultures.
I LOVE to eat, I LOVE to create and try new recipes. Cooking is how I express myself and one of the ways I show love. It is my favorite hobby. I consider myself good at many things, but not great at anything... except for cooking. I am great at cooking. I often say that I need and want a new hobby other than cooking... a new addiction other than food. Why can't I be an obsessive exerciser or cleaner?

I have to warn, it will be interesting to try to write my recipes, b/c I don't usually follow recipes, I eyeball and taste until it is good, but I will give it my best. My first attempt to my cookbook, I had to go back and cook from my recipes. I realized that ingredients were missing, temperature and times were missing, directions were wrong. haha, Hopefully I will have better success here.

I have wanted to do this for quite some time... but it always got pushed to the back burner. After Thanksgiving and tasting everyone's delish food I decided it was time to make time.
I don't yet have the full vision of what I want this recipe site to be, but I know I want to have categories, genres, ingredients and a place for everyone to add their favorites. I was talking to Laura Ellena and she wanted to make a family recipe book. This would be a great place for family and friends to add their recipes now so we can enjoy them while we wait for the book to compiled. Nannette already gave me that FABULOUS recipe for the Banana Creme pie. I can't wait to add it.

If anyone has any ideas just let me know! And don't forget to add your favorite recipes.

Here is to good Eats!!


  1. Wow! This is incredible! I will be using this blog a lot.

  2. We agree, you are a GREAT cook!!! We'll take some hot wings, banana bread and cajun meatballs.