Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chocolate Truffle Pie

Chocolate Truffle Pie
(This is a VERY rich pie! OH so worth every calorie!! I usually save this for Valentine’s day)

2 C crushed Oreo’s (remove the filling)
¼ C butter, melted
2 Tbs sugar
2 8 –oz packages semisweet Chocolate, cut up
1 C whipping cream
6 beaten eggs
¾ C sugar
1/3 C all-purpose flour
Raspberry sauce (recipe follows)

1 . For crust, combine crushed Oreos, melted butter, and the 2 Tbs sugar. Press onto bottom and about 1 ½ inches up the sides of greased 9-inch springform pan. Set pan aside.
2. In a large saucepan cook and stir chocolate and whipping cream over low heat till the chocolate melts. Transfer the mixture to a medium mixing bowl. Set aside.
3. In a large mixing bowl combine eggs, the ¾ C sugar, and flour; beat 10 minutes or till thick and lemon colored. Fold one-forth of the egg mixture into the chocolate mixture; fold chocolate mixture into remaining egg mixture. Pour into crust lined pan.
4. Bake pie in a 325 oven about 45 minutes or until puffed around the edges and halfway to center (the center will be slightly soft). Cool in pan on a wire rack for 20 minutes. Remove sides of pan. Cool for 4 hours. If desired serve with Raspberry sauce and/or whipped cream. Store in refrigerator. Serves 16.

Raspberry Sauce
2 C frozen raspberries, thawed
¾ C sugar

In a medium bowl, combine raspberries sugar. Stir gently until sugar dissolves; cover and chill at least 3 hours. Serve over pie.

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